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My name is Grace Fredette and I am a student at The California Institute of the Arts studying experience design and production with an emphasis in Costume design. I am a transfer student who started my undergraduate degree at Santa Monica College where I received an associate degree in Fashion Design. My work explores the possibilities that can happen when using second-hand textiles, repurposed objects, and discarded things. I use my knowledge, exploration of history, and past design to influence my work and thought process with my main focus being silhouette, both on and off the body. 


I work on the body and in space making fashion pieces and sculptures that communicate an emotion or meaning that references back to my research in textiles and design. To convey my themes I use my study of screen printing, illustration, textile science, and artisanal fabrications all the while using second-hand or repurposed materials to be cautious of the environment and waste.

Once I finish my Bachelor's degree I want to work in the costume industry for theater, TV, and opera. I believe that clothing can communicate a lot about a person and working in costume design is about showing the unspoken truths of a person or time through clothing. I am inspired by my professors and would like to one day get a mater's degree so that I can teach and provide students with what I have learned during my career in creating. 

"Create, Create, Create"!- Profesor Latanya Louis 


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